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Upfront Editor's choice - the latest from XpertHR

  • Grandparents to be entitled to shared parental leave

    05 October 2015

    Chancellor George Osborne has announced plans to extend the right to take shared parental leave and pay to working grandparents from 2018, to help them care for their grandchildren.

  • Disciplinary hearings: can a "disruptive" union representative be banned from acting as a companion?

    05 October 2015

    Can an employer ban a trade union representative from accompanying any of its employees in disciplinary and grievance hearings? That was the question for the employment tribunal in Eleftheriou and another v Arriva London North Ltd.

  • Take part in our shift working survey

    05 October 2015

    XpertHR would greatly appreciate your assistance with our shift working survey.

  • Latest absence rates for 2015

    05 October 2015

    Our 2015 survey of absence rates and costs gives you the opportunity to benchmark your organisation's absence rate against those of 670 organisations throughout the UK. Our data covers almost two million employees and is broken down by industry, sector and size.

  • Podcast: XpertHR graduate recruitment and starting salaries survey 2015/2016

    02 October 2015

    In this week's podcast, we discuss XpertHR research into recruiting graduates, including the number of graduate vacancies and employers' pay intentions over the coming months.

  • October employment law changes: key XpertHR resources

    01 October 2015

    XpertHR rounds up key content on employment law changes that came into force on 1 October 2015. The changes include the extension of the exemption from wearing a safety helmet for Sikhs, the annual increase in the national minimum wage rates and the removal of certain employment tribunal powers.

  • Employment law manual updates: 1 October 2015 changes

    01 October 2015

    The Employment law manual has been updated to take into account changes to the law coming into force on 1 October 2015.

  • Rare age discrimination win for young workers

    30 September 2015

    Age discrimination against young people, which is within the scope of the Equality Act 2010, can be a difficult concept for employees and line managers. Osborne and another v Gondhia and others t/a Rutaba Partnership provides an example of discrimination against two "young adults".

  • Salary benchmarks for housing association employees

    29 September 2015

    XpertHR's Housing Sector Salary Survey is now live. It includes pay data on housing association employees from chief executive to maintenance and care staff.

  • Latest pay awards

    25 September 2015

    A summary of the latest pay settlements recorded by XpertHR, including those at the BBC, Bernard Matthews, Caterpillar UK, Sainsbury's and Tesco.

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