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Upfront Editor's choice - the latest from XpertHR

  • Employers prevented from using exclusivity clauses in zero hours contracts

    28 May 2015

    The Conservatives have followed through with a key election promise of introducing legislation to ban clauses that prohibit a worker on zero hours contracts from carrying out work for another employer.

  • Employment law manual updates: 26 May 2015 changes

    28 May 2015

    The XpertHR Employment law manual has been updated to take into account changes to the law that took effect on 26 May 2015.

  • Queen's Speech announces "programme for working people"

    27 May 2015

    The latest Queen's Speech proposed a number of new legislative developments that will affect employers, including a commitment to create three million new apprenticeships and a planned consultation on whether or not to scrap the Human Rights Act.

  • FAQ: Checking employees' entitlement to drive

    27 May 2015

    A new FAQ on XpertHR deals with the right of employers to obtain information from DVLA about employees' entitlement to drive.

  • Using a job evaluation scheme

    26 May 2015

    In "How to select, devise and use a job evaluation scheme", we take employers through the process of choosing a scheme, designing it to meet business needs and carrying it out.

  • Public-sector pay review bodies: fifth year of pay restraint

    22 May 2015

    XpertHR examines the pay recommendations made by the independent public-sector pay review bodies for the 2015/16 pay round, in which government pay policy restricted awards to an average of up to 1%.

  • April pay increases remain low

    22 May 2015

    XpertHR's analysis of pay settlement data for the three months to the end of April reveals yet another month of subdued pay increases for employees. A sector-by-sector review of pay awards so far in 2015 reveals where the highest pay awards have been made.

  • Latest pay awards

    22 May 2015

    A summary of the latest pay awards that have been added to the XpertHR pay databank.

  • Podcast: Applying the disciplinary procedure

    22 May 2015

    In this week's podcast, we discuss the importance of the disciplinary procedure, particularly in the context of a possible dismissal.

  • EAT decisions show strictness of early conciliation requirement

    20 May 2015

    Two recent Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) decisions highlight the strictness of the requirement that employment tribunal claimants contact Acas for early conciliation before their claims can proceed.

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