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Upfront Editor's choice - the latest from XpertHR

  • October employment law changes: key XpertHR resources

    2 October 2014

    XpertHR rounds up key content on employment law changes coming into force on 1 October 2014. The changes cover time off to attend antenatal appointments, the national minimum wage, reservists and equal pay audits.

  • Pensions auto-enrolment: new contract clause

    2 October 2014

    XpertHR's policies and documents have been enhanced by a new pensions auto-enrolment contract clause, for employers to use when they have reached their "staging date".

  • Take part in our survey on managing long-term absence

    1 October 2014

    XpertHR is conducting research into how employers are responding to the challenge of long-term absences and would welcome your help.

  • New guide to employment law in Romania

    30 September 2014

    The International manual now contains a guide to employment law in Romania.

  • Annual review of pay awards 2014

    26 September 2014

    With the pay bargaining year coming to a close, XpertHR takes a look back at pay settlement levels over the past year, focusing on both basic pay awards and those resulting from a measure of performance. Meanwhile, our September review of the latest pay trends brings us fully up to date on the pay settlement scene.

  • Podcast: Pay settlements

    26 September 2014

    In this week's podcast, we provide an analysis of pay settlements over the past year.

  • Can employers increase a disciplinary sanction on appeal?

    25 September 2014

    Is it permissible for an employer to increase a disciplinary sanction following an appeal? As our report on McMillan v Airedale NHS Foundation Trust explains, while employers can reserve the right to impose a harsher punishment on appeal, there are dangers in doing so.

  • New guidance on rewarding international assignees

    25 September 2014

    The Good practice manual has been enhanced by the addition of a new guide identifying the key issues that confront employers when developing a reward strategy to achieve business objectives and reward international assignments.

  • Podcast: XpertHR survey reveals the cost of sickness absence to employers

    19 September 2014

    In this week's podcast, we reveal the national sickness absence rate and the cost of sickness absence to employers, according to recent XpertHR research.

  • Agency worker underpaid by more than £10,000: is the agency or hirer liable?

    18 September 2014

    An agency worker, engaged as a temporary music teacher, was underpaid. In a rare case brought under the Agency Workers Regulations 2010, the tribunal in Stevens v Northolt High School explains why, in this case, the hirer, and not the agency, was liable to make up the underpayment in full.

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