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Upfront Editor's choice - the latest from XpertHR

  • Take part in our recruitment trends survey

    17 September 2014

    XpertHR would greatly appreciate your help with our research into a new annual survey to investigate key recruitment trends among employers.

  • Time off to accompany a pregnant woman at antenatal appointments: new model letters and form

    17 September 2014

    XpertHR's policies and documents have been enhanced by new model letters and a form on the new right from 1 October 2014 for time off for staff to accompany a pregnant woman at an antenatal appointment.

  • More FAQs: Shared parental leave

    16 September 2014

    Recently published FAQs on XpertHR answer more employers' questions on shared parental leave.

  • Latest pay awards

    12 September 2014

    In this article, we summarise the latest pay awards collected by XpertHR that have been added to the pay databank. Alongside details of each pay award, the entry shows the name and size of the review group, along with the effective date and length of the review.

  • Podcast: Compensation in discrimination cases

    12 September 2014

    The media often report huge pay outs in discrimination cases and in this week's podcast we provide some insight into such pay outs. We focus on the factors that employment tribunals consider when setting injury to feelings awards and the recent uplift applied to the bands of compensation for injured feelings.

  • Health and safety: New workflow to help employers deal with requests for eye tests

    12 September 2014

    Employers must ensure that employees who are display screen equipment "users" are, on request, provided with an appropriate eye and eyesight test. Our new interactive workflow guides employers through the process of responding to such a request.

  • Zero hours contracts: what would a ban on "exclusivity clauses" achieve?

    10 September 2014

    With the Government currently consulting on how to stop employers evading the proposed ban on exclusivity clauses in zero hours contracts, consultant editor Darren Newman asks what the proposed ban is likely to achieve in any event.

  • Has an improved economy affected learning and development budgets?

    08 September 2014

    Latest XpertHR research examines whether or not the upturn in the economy has had a positive effect on employers' learning and development spending trends, and how HR practitioners feel budgets will fare over the coming 12 months.

  • Podcast: Obtaining a medical report

    05 September 2014

    In this week's podcast, Madeleine Graham, employment law editor at XpertHR, discusses the issues that can arise when an employer needs to obtain a medical report on an employee and how to deal with such issues effectively.

  • International manual country guide updates: September 2014

    05 September 2014

    Updates to various country guides in the International manual for September, including the Canada, France, Ireland, Nigeria and Venezuela employment law guides.

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