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  • Podcast: Dealing with covert recordings

    18 August 2017

    Employers are increasingly encountering employees covertly recording disciplinary and grievance meetings. In this week's podcast, we discuss how an employer should deal with this.

  • Podcast: Companions at disciplinary hearings - tricky scenarios for HR

    2 June 2017

    In this week's podcast, we explain what HR should do when faced with some tricky scenarios related to the right to be accompanied at disciplinary hearings. The seven scenarios discussed include a worker requesting a companion with a history of disruptive behaviour, and a worker asking for a postponement at the last minute to find a companion.

  • Podcast: Right to be accompanied in disciplinary hearings

    9 October 2015

    On this week's XpertHR Weekly, we consider recent developments to the statutory right to be accompanied at a formal disciplinary or grievance hearing following the important decision in Toal and another v GB Oils Ltd.

  • Podcast: Dealing with misconduct dismissals

    11 September 2015

    On this week's XpertHR Weekly, we discuss misconduct dismissals and the process that employers should follow.

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