3% Increases for 2015

Exclusive Survey Forecasts Pay Raises of 3% in 2015

Many Employers Tying Pay to Performance, According to New XpertHR US Pay Planning Survey

Two in every three employers are set to increase pay rates in the year ahead, with most looking to award an extra 3% in 2015, according… continue

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HR’s Five Biggest Year-End Employee Termination Mistakes

Bah humbug.
It takes a special kind of Scrooge to terminate employees during the holiday season, but alas, the end of the Gregorian calendar often coincides with budget reevaluation and/or employee performance appraisals, making the holiday season a potential minefield… continue

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Key Payroll Reminders for Employers in 2015

With the holiday season upon us, HR and payroll departments are heavily focused on closing out the year’s payroll and preparing for 2015. Employers must update various processes and systems in order to implement annual changes in employment tax forms… continue

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Five Key Employment Law Differences Global Employers Need to Know

Since globalization is the new norm, many US-based employers need to manage not only local employees, but employees working abroad who may be entitled to either greater or lesser protections than employees working in the US.
As a result, HR… continue

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Succession Planning: How Deep Is Your Bench?

Championship contenders know one thing well:  each and every team player must be ready, willing and able to step up to the challenge if a team member should be unable to perform. Having backups that are ready to step in… continue

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Five Ways Employment At-Will Affects Employers

An employment at-will policy is an integral part of any employee handbook for a US employer. It signifies that employment may be terminated at any time by the employer or the employee for a good reason, a bad reason or… continue

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Podcast Examines What Ebola Means for Employers

The Ebola virus has claimed more than 5,000 lives in West Africa. And with a few cases having arisen in the US, this health scare has hit closer to home. But for most Americans, catching the flu is a significantly… continue

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Make Your Office Holiday Party Sparkle Says @RobinEShea

It’s that bewitching time of year again when employer holiday party plans are underway. These workplace celebrations aim to be festive. But as John Steinbeck once famously wrote, paraphrasing poet Robert Burns, “The best laid plans of mice and men… continue

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Hear How Multistate US Employers Can Avoid Liability

A host of fast-moving employment trends like paid sick leave, domestic violence leave and ban the box are affecting US employers in certain regions, but not others. So what’s a vigilant multistate employer to do to steer clear of litigation?… continue

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Five Need to Know Trends About Employee Handbooks

When it comes to employee handbooks, employers should commit to managing them as ever-evolving documents which should be kept current and updated and amended based on changes and trends in the law, culture and society.
Here are five need to… continue

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