New recruits offered $1,000 to quit

New telesales recruits at US online shoe retailer Zappos are offered $1,000 to quit the job after their first week’s induction training – on the basis that if they accept the money it shows they don’t have the level of commitment required, reports business writer Bill Taylor on his Harvard Business blog.

What’s more, says Taylor, “a huge number of its 1,600 employees are power users of Twitter so that their friends, colleagues, and customers know what they’re up to at any moment in time”.

From the comments to Taylor’s piece, here is what one satisfied customer says:

“The Twitter effect makes me feel like I am buying from friends, not a big company. I follow Zappos folks from both the Vegas and Kentucky facilities and with each Tweet, not only am I entertained, but I also become a more loyal customer and most importantly, an advocate.”

Could this be the future of internet retail and effective recruitment for customer-service driven sales teams?

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