Time for HR to learn to Twitter and tweet


If you are online and reading this, the chances are you aren’t one of those people who regards the whole interwebby thing as a passing fad akin to CB radio.

Quite possibly, you’ve even read a few reports recently about Twitter – and wondered whether this is perhaps one futile tech development too far. But stay with it, and you may even discover a useful application for it in your own working life.

Twitter, if you have managed to miss all the media excitement of recent weeks, allows people to post short messages or “tweets” either from their computer or their mobile phone, and to receive other people’s messages the same way.

It’s not quite the cacophony of voices you might expect – you have to opt in to follow someone’s tweets, and they have to opt in to receive yours.

Now our colleagues on Computer Weekly have come up with an article on Twitter for business which explains how this particular form of social media can have practical applications in the world of work.

More specifically for the HR world, in this week’s Personnel Today podcast online editor Rob Moss can be heard sharing his thoughts on how Twitter can help employers.

Even if you don’t immediately share their optimism that Twitter has lots to offer the HR world, its massive popularity should encourage you to at least give it a try.

All too many HR departments were caught unawares and were unsure how to react when employees first began to use blogs and social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook. If you don’t understand these things, you really can’t manage them.

So as an easy way in, you could do worse than to sign up to Twitter and follow the XpertHR teams and their activities.

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  1. Rob Crossland 16 February 2009 at 10:10 am #

    A further key point is to ensure you reserve your twitter “name” or brand before someone else does. Twitter is not exempt from cyber squatting.

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