Benchmarking computer staff salaries with XpertHR

XpertHR’s salary survey unit will shortly be sending participation packs for the Computer Staff Salary Survey to organisations which have previously taken part in this long-running research.

Find out more about participating in the Computer Staff Salary Survey or call us on 020 8652 2159.

The Computer Staff Salary Survey was launched back in 1968 and is published twice a year. The survey was initially produced by Computer Economics Ltd, which joined the XpertHR Group as part of salary survey specialist firm CELRE two years ago.

The most recent data set for the Computer Staff Salary Survey, which came out in December 2009, was based on contributions from 218 organisations and contained data on 59,521 employees. It contains data for both “core” IT functions such as help desks, which are found in almost all larger organisations, and for specialist developer and other roles.

Because the survey sample is so large, employers are able to cut the data using multiple refinement options to home in on salaries for very specific IT jobs in key industries and locations. Further refinements include company size and turnover.

Data for the next round of reporting will be collected “as at” 1 April 2010 – a fixed date for all participants to ensure consistency – with publication due in June.

A one-year subscription to the Computer Staff Salary Survey includes two PDF reports each year with the latest data tables and reward trends, use of the XpertHR Job Pricing tool and bespoke spreadsheet reports enabling participants to compare their data with market rates.

Survey participants are asked to complete a questionnaire providing data on salaries and other elements of reward for each employee. Data must be anonymised before submission and further steps are taken by XpertHR to ensure company identities are protected.

Help with this process is available by phone, email or face-to-face, with participation manager Sharon McArthur available to provide support.

Once the XpertHR salary survey unit has the data, we carry out a series of checks to ensure it is credible, consistent and comprehensive. Often this involves going back to participants for validation.

Further tests are then carried out once the data from all participants is aggregated before the full range of products and services is released.

Organisations which need additional bespoke reports – based on specific data sets or timescales, for example – are also able to talk to our senior data analyst, Francisco Martinez-Castro about their requirements.

Find out more about participating in the Computer Staff Salary Survey or call us on 020 8652 2159.

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