Equality Act 2010 – the easy read guide

The Government Equalities Office (GEO) has published its Easy Read guide to the Equality Act (PDF format, 2.3MB) (on the GEO website).

Easy Read guides are used to present information in an accessible format – using pictures, simple language and lots of explanations of the terms and concepts used.

They are intended for use by people with learning disabilities, or people who may have difficulty reading in English, but when you’re dealing with something as cumbersome and complex as the Equality Act, I reckon the Easy Read guide is a good place for anyone to start for a simple explanation of the main points. Even if you’re confident that you have a total understanding of the entire Act, it’s worth looking at this guide for the heart-warming pictures showing how happy we’re all going to be once the Act has done its work.

The timing for the various parts of the Act coming into force is now slightly uncertain (external website), as the GEO has removed the implementation dates from its website. The website previously stated that the bulk of the Act would be implemented in October 2010.

XpertHR subscribers will be kept up to date with detailed information and guidance on the Equality Act 2010 before and after its implementation.

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