HR data round-up July 2011: HR careers, absence & turnover

Bill MurrayIs every day of your HR career reminiscent of Billy Murray’s Groundhog Day? If you could have your time in HR over, would you do it all again?

The latter question (along with a host of other questions relating to the careers of HR professionals) can be found in XpertHR’s 2011 survey of HR careers, which is currently open for you to take part in, over on the XpertHR surveys website.

The XpertHR HR Careers survey will piece together what promises to be a fascinating treasure trove of data on HR careers, including analysis of the career paths open to and taken by HR professionals, and the key factors in and barriers to HR career advancement.

About the XpertHR HR data round-up

XpertHR’s July round-up of HR data is the latest entry in new monthly series, which provides links to recent HR data releases from XpertHR and other sources, as well as links to news stories and blog posts of direct or indirect relevance to issues around using HR data.

If there are any HR-related data measures you would like to see covered in future XpertHR data round-ups, or if there are any surveys or HR data blog posts that you would like to see highlighted, please do get in touch. You can submit comments via the box below, or contact me directly via Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+.

This month’s big HR benchmarking questions

The past month has seen the addition of a number of major new HR benchmarking datasets to XpertHR Benchmarking. These include data from our latest surveys on: absence rates and costs; turnover rates and costs; employee training rights; and recruitment cost management.

Subscribers to XpertHR Benchmarking can drill down into the complete results data from these surveys. Here’s a selection of key HR benchmarking questions from some of these new datasets (XpertHR Benchmarking subscription required):



XpertHR surveys: Take part!

As well as the 2011 HR Careers survey mentioned above, we’ve got a host of other HR surveys currently open for you to take part. Visit the XpertHR surveys website to access online questionnaires for in our current surveys, which include research on the following: line manager absence management training; benefits and allowances; and pay awards.

All participants in each of our surveys will receive a free download of a recent, relevant HR survey article from XpertHR as soon as the questionnaire is submitted, followed by a free copy of our detailed analysis of the survey in which you’ve taken part, as soon as it is published.

Blog posts on HR data issues

Here’s our selection of recent blog posts on HR data issues from XpertHR’s blogs and other blogs:

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