Redundancies: still happening

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The worst effects of the economic downturn might be behind UK PLC but the situation for employment isn’t entirely rosy. ONS statistics outline how things have progressed since 2005:


Taking pay settlements (low) and inflation (high) into account makes the picture even less appealing for employees.

This presents a number of problems for employers – although there may be a silver lining if you’re an economist.

* The redundancy rate is plotted on the same axis as the unemployment rate but is a rate per thousand, not a percentage. Source: Labour Force Survey

Update 9:50am
Via @mjcarty and Twitter, @danbarker has just pointed out that Google Insights for Search can be used to construct a pretty similar time series to the one above by entering redundancy+pay:
Clearly individuals searching for information about redundancy pay is unfortunately not an academic exercise.

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