Benchmarking HR’s influence & effectiveness in 2012

How do UK HR departments rate themselves in terms of influence and effectiveness in 2012?

Latest XpertHR benchmarking survey research on HR roles and responsibilities takes an in-depth look at HR influence and effectiveness in 2012.

Benchmarking HR’s influence in 2012


The survey suggests that the influence of HR is growing in 2012:

Tomorrow we’ll be looking at the survey’s findings on HR’s perceptions as to its own effectiveness.

Benchmarking HR roles and responsibilities in 2012

The above are among the key findings of XpertHR’s 10th annual benchmarking survey of HR roles and responsibilities, based on responses from 334 organisations with a combined workforce of 360,604 employees.

XpertHR Benchmarking subscribers can access the results data from this survey in the following ways:

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