Top 10 HR questions – October 2012

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Pensions auto-enrolment is now a real concern for employers. The second staging date takes place today, bringing the duty to auto-enrol workers into a qualifying pension scheme into force for employers with 50,000 workers or more. By this time next year all employers with 500 or more workers will have had their staging date.

Questions about the staging process and other aspects of auto-enrolment feature in October’s top ten FAQs from XpertHR.

Other questions cover maternity leave, employees who go home sick after working part of the day, and the need for consent when providing a reference.

  1. When does auto-enrolment come into force?
  2. What does “postponement” mean for the purposes of pensions auto-enrolment?
  3. Are employers required to provide pay or time off in lieu of bank holidays that coincide with maternity leave?
  4. If an employee resigns while on maternity leave, is she entitled to notice pay?
  5. What happens if a worker misses the one-month deadline to opt out of pensions auto-enrolment?
  6. Must an employer always obtain an individual’s consent before providing a reference for him or her?
  7. Must an employee on suspension while a disciplinary investigation is carried out remain available for work, or can he or she take a holiday during this period?
  8. What will an employer’s pensions auto-enrolment staging date be if it operates more than one PAYE scheme?
  9. If an employee works part of the day before going home sick, should this day count as sickness absence?
  10. What is the maximum amount of costs that a tribunal may order an employer to pay if it loses the case?

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