Best of the HR blogs 2012: My favourite HR blog posts of the year!


I’m really not sure where 2012 went… but it’s that time of year again already!

Today I present my personal pick of the very best HR blog posts of 2012.

What have been your favourites? I’d be very interested to know what your favourite HR blog posts or HR blogs of this year have been. Please do get in touch and share your own favourites – either by leaving a comment (below), or via Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn.

I would love to hear from you!

2012: Another vintage year for #hrblogs!

This has been a truly exceptional year for the world of HR blogs.

When I started doing my monthly pick of the best HR blog posts back in January 2012, I really wasn’t sure what I was letting myself in for. But I’m so glad I did!

It’s been a privilege to enjoy and to share so much top quality writing from so many authors on such a diverse range of topics.

And if you’re currently entertaining idle thoughts about maybe starting off your very own HR blog in 2013, then I have but two words of advice: Do it!

As always, my selection of HR blog posts here is entirely subjective, and presented in alphabetical order by author surname.

Best of the HR blogs 2012: My favourite HR blog posts of 2012

  • Kevin J Ball: It’s About Life, Stupid

    The first ever epic from the world of #hrblogs? “It’s just simple humanity.” With these words, Kevin J Ball brought to an end this extraordinary series of blog posts (which kicked off back in March 2011) on leadership lessons drawn from Montaigne’s views on “how to live”.  Each post in the series is a masterclass in blogging as it should be. Each post is full of useful observations on leadership and on life. If you’ve not yet done so, I’d recommend reading the whole series from the start. Follow Kevin on Twitter.

  • Anna Birtwistle: What will the two year unfair dismissal qualifying period mean for younger workers?

    2012 has seen a very long series of announcements of radical changes to the UK employment law framework. In this blazing post – which one Twitter commentator described as “necessarily cynical” – solicitor Anna Birtwistle presents her reaction to the Government’s confirmation in January 2012 that the increase in the qualifying period for unfair dismissal protection from one to two years would not be retrospective. Please blog more in 2013, Anna! Follow Anna on Twitter.

  • Naomi Bloom: Reprise – Harry’s And Naomi’s Rules 

    “Life is short, fragile and amazing; live large.” “When in doubt, reboot.” These are just two of the excellent “rules to live by” shared in this amazing piece from leading US HR blogger Naomi Bloom. A wonderful, generous and inspiring post. Follow Naomi on Twitter.

  • Ellison Bloomfield: For The Love Of Words

    Ellison articulates everything I feel about writing in this lovely little post, which must be read in full. Ellison is one of the best bloggers out there, and I cannot wait to see what her Humane Resource blog will have for us in 2013. Follow Ellison on Twitter.

  • Kate Griffiths-Lambeth (& son): Looking Ahead – Are You LOL-ing Around?  

    A brilliant post by mother and son – surely the first of its kind in the world of #hrblogs? Kate looks at unusual approaches to identifying “the leaders of the future.” I like Kate’s point about how “school leavers, with their honed abilities to text and observe occurrences on multiple screens simultaneously, [are] already demonstrating the skills we would require going forward. We and they could benefit from the skills they had developed through their own activities with friends and areas of interest.” Her 14 year old son then takes up the theme, arguing that the world of online video gaming (for example in the specific area of MOBAs – Massive Online Battle Arenas) can help nurture many of the skills that will be required of the workers and leaders of tomorrow. Let’s hope we hear much more from both Kate and son in 2013 and beyond! Follow Kate on Twitter.

  • Rob Jones: 10 Things HR Can Learn From Ghostbusters

    Who you gonna call? In this hugely enjoyable post, UK HR blogger Rob Jones steps up to point out out the lessons HR can take from the deathless film classic Ghostbusters. This is one of two posts Rob very kindly contributed to XpertHR this year, looking at HR lessons in classic films from the 1980s (which also both happen to star Dan Aykroyd). The other post looks at HR lessons from that great Christmas and New Year classic film, Trading Places! Follow Rob on Twitter.

  • Charlie Judy: Always Looking  

    “Loyal? About as much as you are to me. And that’s really as far as it goes.” If it ever came down to it, Charlie Judy would likely be voted HR blogger least afraid to speak his mind. His HR Fishbowl blog is always a must-read – and I’m sure it will continue to be as it moves into its new incarnation in 2013. This is my favourite 2012 post from HR Fishbowl. What’s your take on these words from Charlie? “You should always be looking for a job. Always.” Follow Charlie on Twitter.

  • Anita Lettink: What is the future of HR?

    If HR didn’t exist, would we feel the need to invent it? What does the future hold for HR? Is the HR department of today appropriate for the needs of the organisations and the workforce of tomorrow? These and other fascinating questions are raised in this superb post. Follow Anita on Twitter

  • Victorio Milian: Is It Okay to Be ‘Okay,’ Today? 

    Just the two images of Victorio’s ‘to do’ lists would be enough to make this one of the best posts of the year. But I also love the honesty of this post, asking whether it’s OK to ease up from time to time for your own sake, even if this means going against your natural inclination relentlessly to push yourself. (My answer: Yes it is). Follow Victorio on Twitter.

  • Sarah Miller: My 100% Assured System of Training People To Engage On Social Media 

    Were there an #HRlbogs awards ceremony, Sarah would absolutely own this year’s “Best Newcomer” award. Whipper Snapper HR is a brilliant blog, and this post is just one example of what makes it so fresh. Sarah sets out six easy and very enjoyable steps to get social media-hesitant HR professionals up and running on social media! Why not give them a go? Follow Sarah on Twitter.

  • Neil Morrison: Summing up 

    How good a year has 2012 really been for you? It’s no secret that 2012 has been a very tough year for a lot of people. But just how honest are we being about just how tough it was? I think this post is a truly remarkable piece of writing. Neil is almost brutally honest and upfront on what 2012 has been like for him (and, indeed, for so many of us), stating that his main achievement in 2012 has been just surviving a “black ice drive” year. This is extremely brave and honest blogging – and ultimately inspiring, too.  Follow Neil on Twitter.

  • Rick: What If You Were Bullet-Proof?  

    Rick asks a great question here: “What if instead of [...] behaving on our last day [at a specific job] as if it were our first, we behaved on our first day as if it were our last?” What would you do if you had that “bullet-proof” feeling? And what’s really stopping you from doing that today? Follow Rick on Twitter.

  • Robin Schooling: The World (REALLY!) of HR

    This is what it’s all about. Robin makes an unarguable case for why HR professionals really ought to be taking a more global perspective in 2013 and beyond. Building your global awareness and network of contacts is very advisable from the point of view of your career. But it can also be very beneficial, and even fun. As Robin says: “Connectivity across the globe, even if not a typical part of the day-to-day for a Human Resources professional, is amazingly easy to do via social media and online channels.” I’m also delighted that Robin cites the XpertHR Employment Intelligence blog as a way to tap into the global HR conversation. Thank you, Robin! Follow Robin on Twitter.

  • Robin Schooling: What The ‘HR Community’ Is REALLY Talking About…

    “How do I handle reports of urine on the floor of the men’s room?” Robin asks just what future historians might make of HR, if the questions being asked and answered on a certain HR forum were to be discovered as some kind of time capsule for the profession in the early 21st Century. Robin’s HR Schoolhouse blog has shown an incredible run of form in 2012 – hence it being the source of two posts in this countdown! Follow Robin on Twitter.

  • Doug Shaw: Nobody Said It Was Easy 

    I think that almost anything I say would cheapen this stunning piece of writing. Please do yourself a favour and read it. Follow Doug on Twitter.

  • Bonni Titgemeyer: Really? 

    Hilarious, ingenious, and one of the best two or three HR blog posts I’ve ever read. Follow Bonni on Twitter.

  • Neil Usher: Connections

    Neil manages to put into words the thoughts and impressions I’ve had from being part of the UK’s ConnectingHR community/movement/call it what you will over the past nigh-on three years. What Neil says here also has a much wider relevance to the new ways that groups of all kinds can organise and evolve in the social media age. Since it kicked off at the start of 2010, ConnectingHR has almost been a textbook example of how to get a community right. Neil nails just some of what it’s all about. For example: “It is a gift economy. [...] It is experimental. [...] It may as well just be called Connecting.” If you’re in HR in the UK and aren’t yet a part of ConnectingHR, do please give it a try in 2013. And if you’re in HR elsewhere in the world, you’re all welcome to join in – just click on the #ConnectingHR hashtag via Twitter to be part of the conversation! This post was part of Alison Chisnell‘s series of Advent Calendar guest posts on her The HR Juggler blog. Follow Neil on Twitter.

  • Jane Watson: HR’s Sloppy Thinking on Culture 

    This is in many ways a perfect example of the HR blog post as it should be: compelling, humorous, learned and thought-provoking. Drawing on her academic background in anthropology, Sarah makes a very interesting point here. For all the talk about culture in the HR space, there is little precison as to “what we mean when we say ‘culture.’” I’d like to share Jane’s closing questions here: “What do you think about all this Organizational Culture talk? Is it a buzz-word, or something that  HR and organizations should seek to engineer?” Follow Jane on Twitter.

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    My pleasure, Charlie… and a very happy new year to you, sir!

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