Top 10 UK HR questions – July 2013

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New questions on settlement agreements, pre-termination negotiations and employment tribunal fees feature in the XpertHR top 10 FAQs for July, with employers preparing for the various employment law changes in force from 29 July 2013.

Employment tribunal fees are generally payable by claimants, rather than respondents, but there are some circumstances in which employers responding to a claim will be responsible for paying a fee. One of the new FAQs added to the site in July explains when this will apply.

Other FAQs in the top 10 answer employers’ questions on pensions auto-enrolment, paternity leave and fixed-term contracts.

  1. What fees does a claimant have to pay when bringing an employment tribunal claim?
  2. Can an employee rely on confidential pre-termination negotiations with the employer as evidence in a tribunal claim?
  3. In what circumstances are respondents required to pay tribunal fees?
  4. Do the auto-enrolment provisions affect employers that already provide their employees with access to a pension scheme?
  5. What notice to take ordinary paternity leave and pay in respect of a new baby is an employee required to give?
  6. Who is a worker for the purposes of pensions auto-enrolment?
  7. What is a settlement agreement?
  8. If an employee resigns after disciplinary proceedings have been commenced should the employer continue the disciplinary procedure?
  9. At what point does an employee who has been employed on a series of successive fixed-term contracts become a permanent employee?
  10. Where sales people are employed on a commission-only basis, is their employer obliged to pay the national minimum wage if their commission over a period falls below this?

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