UK XpertHR research shows that enthusiasm wanes for trade union relations

New XpertHR research has recorded a dip in how employers rate their working relationship with their recognised trade union(s). Although organisations are broadly positive about their experience of working with trade unions, their level of satisfaction is not as high as it was when we carried out similar research in 2010. The level of industrial unrest is also higher in our current study.

Some people may think that strikes are a thing of the past, but this autumn there have been pockets of industrial action in some sectors, including firefighters, teachers and post office workers. Even if most parts of the economy have not experienced a significant level of strike action, trade unions still play an integral role in many workplaces.

XpertHR’s new research will provide you with valuable benchmarking information on how employers work with trade unions, including trade union recognition procedures, facilities agreements and handling collective disputes.



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