Top 10 UK HR questions – December 2013

Photo: Stéfan

Photo: Stéfan

Christmas in the HR team means (among other more festive activities) working out bank holiday entitlement and avoiding the risk of religious discrimination. Both of these concerns feature in December’s top 10 employers’ questions on XpertHR.

Other popular FAQs last month covered how to deal with accidental overpayments to employees and the practicalities of suspending an employee while a disciplinary investigation is carried out.

  1. Is an employee who is required to work on bank holidays entitled to extra pay?
  2. Where an employee resigns but does not work the required notice period, is the employer under any obligation to pay him or her for this period?
  3. Where an employee’s period of paternity leave coincides with a bank holiday, is the employer under any obligation to provide a compensatory day off or pay in lieu?
  4. If an employer provides for pro rata bank holiday entitlement for part-time employees, how should it calculate this?
  5. Are part-time workers entitled to bank holidays?
  6. If a part-time or shift-working employee is not scheduled to work on a bank holiday, is he or she entitled to an additional day’s holiday?
  7. For how long should an employee be suspended while a disciplinary investigation into alleged misconduct is carried out?
  8. As Christmas is a Christian festival, can an employer still hold a Christmas party if some of its employees belong to other religions?
  9. Where an employer has accidentally overpaid an employee can it reclaim the overpayments?
  10. Must an employee on suspension while a disciplinary investigation is carried out remain available for work, or can he or she take a holiday during this period?

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