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I'm the editor of XpertHR benchmarking. I'm interested in all aspects of HR data - how it's collated, how it's utilised and interpreted and the stories it tells.

I'm also interested in the latest information and data on all aspects of the work of HR and related disciplines (whether to do with employment or economics) around the world – and how social media enable HR information and debate to spread and evolve across geographic boundaries.

I’ve been part of the XpertHR team since 20 August 2001, working on the site in a wide variety of editorial roles as it expanded from its unnamed, pre-launch incarnation to the HR information powerhouse it is today.

Further back, I worked as a writer at Incomes Data Services (IDS), and before that did time in research and writing roles at a banking consultancy in the City of London and at the Open University Business School.

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Best of the HR blogs February 2014: 18 great HR blog posts from February 2014

Here is my pick of the very best HR blog posts published in February 2014.
Change (and what it means for HR) is a key theme in this month’s best HR blog posts. This month’s pick of the best of… continue

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‘Most HR people aren’t numerate’: What’s your view on HR numeracy?

Is a lack of comfort with numbers “HR’s little secret?” Is comparatively poor numeracy the mark of a “bad” HR professional? Do the entry criteria for HR courses need to be rethought, in order to place a greater emphasis on… continue

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2014: A ‘year of hard truths’ for the UK economy?

2014 is “the year of hard truths” for the UK economy, says Chancellor George Osborne. Economic growth appears to be taking off and CPI inflation appears to be under control, while unemployment is falling rapidly. But Osborne argues that the… continue

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Best of the HR blogs January 2014: 19 great HR blog posts from January 2014

2014 is off to a grand start in the world of HR blogs! Here is my pick of the very best HR blog posts from this month. Strong, provocative writing abounds.  A number of the posts here touch on HR’s… continue

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UK HR data round-up January 2014: Benchmarking stress absence levels

XpertHR’s HR data round-up for January 2014 looks at latest XpertHR Benchmarking research on stress-related absence and the actions employers take to manage stress. We also provide links to all the latest additions to XpertHR Benchmarking and present our regular… continue

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The HR data tapes: Best #hrdata posts October to December 2013

Want to know what’s going on in the world of HR data? Just hit play on the HR data tapes. Here’s the latest instalment of the HR data tapes – my quarterly round-up of the very best HR data posts.… continue

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Why did ‘personnel’ become ‘HR’? BBC Radio 4 investigates

Why did the ‘personnel’ profession rebrand as ‘human resources’ (or HR)? Do HR and other business functions hide behind jargon? And has anyone really ever used the term ‘rightsizing’ when cutting jobs? These are among the topics explored in the… continue

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UK GDP outlook January 2014: Brighter prospects for growth in 2014

The current picture for UK economic growth is strong as 2014 arrives. The UK economy grew by 0.8% in the third quarter of 2013, according to latest revised estimates of growth in gross domestic product (GDP) from the ONS. But… continue

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What is the gender profile of the UK HR profession in 2014?

The UK HR profession is three-quarters female in 2014. But only two-thirds of senior HR professionals in the UK are women. These are among the key findings of the 2014 XpertHR Benchmarking survey on HR careers.
What is the gender… continue

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Learning and Development in 2014: Please take part in XpertHR’s 5-minute training provision survey

How is your organisation approaching its learning and development priorities for 2014? Are you making use of external trainers, or is L&D an in-house affair at your organisation?  What is your organisation’s budget for learning and development? Please spare five… continue

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