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PersonnelTodayThe XpertHR legal team continues to provide details of the latest news on employment tribunals on Stories about employment tribunals, which include links to guidance on XpertHR and key articles from press coverage, that would previously have appeared on this blog now appear on a dedicated page on

Recent highlights include:

Worker argues frustration over wasted public money is philosophical belief Can a public-sector worker’s passionate view that his employer should not waste public money count as a “philosophical belief” under discrimination legislation? That was the question for the employment tribunal in the recent case Harron v Chief Constable of Dorset Police.

Met Police covered up officer’s race and sex discrimination allegations A high-profile employment tribunal decision provided a “damning” ruling that Metropolitan Police covered up allegations of race and sex discrimination in a black female police officer’s internal grievance.

Holocaust denial not a belief protected by discrimination legislation Two more employment tribunal decisions, featured in our weekly round-up of tribunal cases in the press, can be added to the growing case law on what constitutes a “philosophical belief” under the Equality Act 2010.

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