XpertHR launches admin staff salary survey

Today sees the launch of a new XpertHR Salary Survey for general management and administration staff. The new survey includes payroll data provided by 257 organisations on 10,631 employees and has particularly strong data on:

  • Secretaries and PAs (3,090 employees)
  • Administrative staff (3,939 employees)
  • Facilities and property managers (1,110 employees)
  • General managers (1,120 employees)

The report is available to subscribers only and comes both as a PDF report and in the XpertHR Job Pricing online tool. The data is additionally available in spreadsheet format.

Today’s report completes the set of XpertHR salary surveys for core business function. These are:

  • General Management and Administration Salary Survey
  • HR/Personnel Salary Survey
  • Sales and Marketing Salary Survey
  • Finance Staff Salary Survey

In addition, we publish a National Management Salary Survey, which includes data from all four of the core business areas but merges related job functions to give less detail. This makes it ideal for smaller businesses or for organisations wanting a broader overview.

All core business surveys supplement our market-leading XpertHR Computer Staff Salary Survey. The most edition of this survey carried data from 230 employers on 59,541 IT professionals and their managers.

Find out more about XpertHR Salary Surveys.

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