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I'm the editor of XpertHR benchmarking. I'm interested in all aspects of HR data - how it's collated, how it's utilised and interpreted and the stories it tells.

I'm also interested in the latest information and data on all aspects of the work of HR and related disciplines (whether to do with employment or economics) around the world – and how social media enable HR information and debate to spread and evolve across geographic boundaries.

I’ve been part of the XpertHR team since 20 August 2001, working on the site in a wide variety of editorial roles as it expanded from its unnamed, pre-launch incarnation to the HR information powerhouse it is today.

Further back, I worked as a writer at Incomes Data Services (IDS), and before that did time in research and writing roles at a banking consultancy in the City of London and at the Open University Business School.

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National minimum wage: What’s your view on the potential above-inflation increase for 2014/2015?

It appears possible that the UK national minimum wage will be subject to an above-inflation increase for 2014/2015. XpertHR would like to canvass your views on the potential above-inflation national minimum wage increase for 2014/2015. Please take part in the… continue

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XpertHR economic overview February 2014: Why pay could prove pivotal to economic recovery

UK economic recovery appears to be well underway in 2014, but strong growth in pay awards could be required for a truly sustainable return to growth.
XpertHR’s economic commentary for February 2014 reports on latest data and expected future trends… continue

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#HRJobs: XpertHR is looking to recruit a Pay Data Consultant

Want to join the XpertHR team? XpertHR Salary Surveys is looking for a Pay Data Consultant to join a small team supporting new and existing customers. A major part of this role will be to familiarise all new survey users… continue

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UK average earnings outlook for 2014 and beyond: ‘Terrible is the only word,’ says TUC

“Terrible is the only word that can describe the new average earning forecasts” from the OBR for 2014 and beyond, says the TUC’s Duncan Weldon. In its latest report on the state of the UK economy – published to coincide… continue

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XpertHR economic overview January 2014: UK economic prospects for 2014

Stronger earnings growth is critical to sustained UK economic recovery in 2014 and beyond – but how likely is this to happen? XpertHR’s economic commentary for January 2014 weighs up economic prospects for 2014 and beyond.
What a difference a… continue

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XpertHR economic overview December 2013: ‘Glass half full’ for economic recovery?

As 2013 draws to a close and Chancellor George Osborne gears up to deliver his Autumn Statement 2013, the UK economic outlook appears to be at its most encouraging in years.
“For the first time in a long time you… continue

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XpertHR economic overview November 2013: How sustainable is the UK economic recovery?

The UK economy would appear to have enjoyed a strong summer, with decent economic growth in the third quarter of 2013. But now the summer has passed, could we be heading through an “average autumn” for the UK economy?
There… continue

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Where next for the UK national minimum wage?

The UK national minimum wage rates for 2013/2014 came into effect on Tuesday 1 October 2013, with the national minimum wage adult rate rising to £6.31 per hour for 2013/2014, an increase of 1.9% from the 2012/2013 rate (Click here… continue

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XpertHR UK economic overview October 2013: Have we turned a corner to stronger recovery?

“Britain is turning a corner” toward recovery, according to Chancellor George Osborne. Osborne argues that critics of his economic approach had been “decisively” proven wrong. But he also sounds a cautious note: “Many risks remain. These are still the early… continue

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XpertHR economic commentary September 2013: ‘Much is at stake’ for UK economy

“Much is at stake” for the UK economy in 2013. This is according to new Bank of England Governor Mark Carney, who last month set out a radical new approach for UK monetary policy, intended to promote economic recovery.  While… continue

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