Regional pay indexes – how complicated can they be?

Participants in XpertHR’s salary surveys ask from time to time for some sort of index figure, which enables them to quickly and easily compare pay rates across the country – wanting to know, for example, that salaries in region A… continue

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Finance staff salaries yet to show signs of recovery

Finance staff have yet to see any signs of economic recovery filtering through into their pay packets, XpertHR’s Financial Staff salary survey for 2013-2014 reveals.
The survey shows that while other professional groups are beginning to see pay rises return… continue

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HR salary increases catch up with inflation

Pay rises for HR professionals have kept pace with inflation and may even be moving ahead of price rises following recent falls in the Retail Price Index, new data from XpertHR Salary Surveys shows.
The XpertHR Salary Survey of HR… continue

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Engineers’ salaries rise ahead of inflation

Engineers and technicians have bucked the trend by taking home real-terms salary increases over the past 12 months, data from the XpertHR Engineers and Technicians salary survey for 2013-2014 shows.
Go now to the XpertHR Engineers and Technicians Salary Survey… continue

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XpertHR economic overview November 2013: How sustainable is the UK economic recovery?

The UK economy would appear to have enjoyed a strong summer, with decent economic growth in the third quarter of 2013. But now the summer has passed, could we be heading through an “average autumn” for the UK economy?
There… continue

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XpertHR launches new generation job titles wizard

XpertHR Salary Surveys has launched a new generation of job titles wizards to help participants benchmark roles in their organisation against the market.
The XpertHR Salary Surveys job titles wizard is an Excel-based application that enables participants to type in… continue

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One in five employers say that they have a commitment to pay the living wage, XpertHR survey shows

Sunday 3 November 2013 marks the start of Living Wage Week, with the new rates for the London and national living wages to be announced on Monday. Currently, these are £8.55ph in London and £7.45ph outside the Capital, compared with… continue

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Can we expect to see higher pay rises in 2014?

The short answer to this question is no, not much. On the brighter side, however, far fewer employees are likely to see their rate of pay frozen over the coming year than in 2013 or the three years prior to… continue

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Pay data shows charity worker salaries lag the market

Pay rises for charities workers continue to lag behind those in the wider economy, latest data from XpertHR’s Voluntary sector salary survey and Top charities salary survey reveals.
The two surveys show identical increases in basic pay and total earnings… continue

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Pay rises in 2013 – how did yours compare?

Pay awards have frequently been in the news over the past year, but for all the wrong reasons. Employees have been suffering from below-inflation pay awards for the best part of four years now, and our detailed review of pay… continue

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