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Interests: pay, benefits and pensions; how economic change is impacting on the jobs people do and how they are rewarded; equality and diversity, particularly workplace gender equality and how to achieve it; the role of trade unions.

My job: Editor, pay and benefits, XpertHR.

Previous jobs: policy adviser for CBI; researcher for Amicus, economy policy officer for the Labour party, employment policy director for Equal Opportunities Commission, local authority councillor in Southwark.

Top three websites at present: news now for quick news; New Economist for a handy selection of economy blogs/links including Evanomics, and Pandora to create your own radio station.

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Gender pay gap widens while median salary increases to £27,000 a year

The Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings (ASHE 2013) was published today by the Office for National Statistics.  We have updated XpertHR with the key findings, while the full breakdowns can be found on the ONS website.
The main news… continue

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The state of play on equal pay audits

XpertHR has just published a survey of employers on equal pay, which looks at the extent to which employers are using equal pay audits or reviews.
It finds that almost one in three (32%) private sector firms have carried out… continue

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One in five employers say that they have a commitment to pay the living wage, XpertHR survey shows

Sunday 3 November 2013 marks the start of Living Wage Week, with the new rates for the London and national living wages to be announced on Monday. Currently, these are £8.55ph in London and £7.45ph outside the Capital, compared with… continue

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Can we expect to see higher pay rises in 2014?

The short answer to this question is no, not much. On the brighter side, however, far fewer employees are likely to see their rate of pay frozen over the coming year than in 2013 or the three years prior to… continue

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Five common barriers to action on equal pay and how to overcome them

Today, XpertHR publishes a brand new guide to carrying out an equal pay audit, written by Sheila Wild. Here are some of the most common arguments used against doing an equal pay audit or review and the counterargument to each.… continue

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New guide published on the national minimum wage

The minimum wage is now such a part of the labour market “furniture” that it now seems difficult to remember that there was no statutory bottom limit to what an employer could pay a worker before it came into force… continue

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Still no sign of pay pressures in the UK economy

The latest statistics from XpertHR reveal that pay awards were worth a median 2% in the three months to the end of June 2013, unchanged from the previous two rolling quarters and continuing the pattern of subdued, below-inflation pay rises.… continue

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Firms predict pay increases of 2.5%

Private sector employers foresee more of the same when it comes to pay increases, with no sign of any pay boost on the horizon, according to the latest XpertHR pay forecast survey (£) published today.
Pay increases in the region of… continue

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The latest inflation figures: which one will you use?

The inflation figures out today show that inflation on the Consumer Prices Index (CPI) was 2.8% in the year to February 2013, up from 2.7% the previous month. Meanwhile inflation on the all-items Retail Prices Index (RPI) was 3.2% in… continue

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Earnings by region, April 2012.GIF

Regional and local pay survey: your help needed

With the exception of London, regional variations in pay in the UK are actually quite limited, as the chart below shows. But for organisations struggling to recruit employees in a particular town, for example, a local element to reward can prove a useful tool.
XpertHR is… continue

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