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As XpertHR's Pay and Benefits Editor, my role includes responsibility for the pay and reward content of XpertHR as well as overseeing the fortnightly email newsletter. XpertHR's core content includes the pay settlement tracking service, complemented by surveys, case studies and practical guidance on all aspects of day-to-day reward management.

In the 15 years that I have been collecting and analysing pay deals, I have seen pay settlements vary from years stuck at 3%, to a pay freeze being the norm. When monitoring pay settlement trends I am particularly interested in the wider economic influence, and impact, on pay award levels. The processes that managers employ to set pay increases, what motivates staff on the pay and benefits front, and how to develop the ideal reward package also keep my attention.

XpertHR's pay settlement data is frequently quoted in the media, and I have been interviewed about our findings on such outlets as BBC News 24, Sky News and 5 live.

Prior to focussing solely on pay and benefits I worked as a researcher on IRS Employment Review. I developed an interest in industrial relations which has transferred to the role that industrial relations plays in the pay-setting environment.


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Pay awards steady at 2%

The median basic pay rise stands at 2% in the three months to the end of September 2010, according to figures released by XpertHR (subscription required). The median pay award has now stood at 2% for three consecutive rolling quarters,… continue

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Where do you get your pay figures, Chancellor?

Hidden away in the Comprehensive Spending Review (on the HM Treasury website), the Chancellor made a bold statement about the value of public sector pay:
“The overall value of the public sector reward package, including pension provision, has remained generous… continue

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Quango cuts announced

The definitive list of quango cuts (external website) was published this morning. Altogether 192 are to be scrapped and 118 will be merged. Several are “under consideration”.… continue

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Is it the right time to ask for a pay rise?

Is it the right time to ask for a pay rise? This question is the subject of a live web chat on the Guardian website on Thursday 14 October from 1-4pm.… continue

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Public sector workers earn more than their private sector counterparts

The headline above is one you are likely to see across the press in the next few days, as figures released by the Office for National Statistics show that employees in the public sector have higher total reward than those… continue

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Change to working age for women

When I first started working (a few years ago now…) I thought working age meant up to age 60. At that point I would receive my state pension (and hopefully my final salary pension scheme would still be around to… continue

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Banks no longer “rewarding for failure”

Much has been written about the role of bankers’ pay in the triggering the recession, but it seems as though the banks have finally taken on board the public’s concerns. A report from The Institute of International Finance (external website)… continue

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What a difference a year makes

Almost 14 months ago, when I left XpertHR for a period of maternity leave, inflation was in negative territory, and pay awards had fallen to their lowest level (subscription required) since we started collecting pay settlement data in 1971.
A… continue

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