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  • Improved disability equality at NHS Bradford and Airedale

    14 June 2010

    NHS Bradford and Airedale's Disability Standard award 2009 was achieved through a range of initiatives including increased involvement of disabled people, the introduction of a staff disability network and a project to improve the recruitment of people with disabilities.

  • How Middlesex University recruits people with disabilities

    20 July 2009

    Middlesex University is taking steps to promote the equal treatment of people with disabilities in recruitment, encouraging disclosure and fairness, and aiming to go beyond mere compliance with its public sector equality duty.

  • Stockport Council's recruitment embraces people with learning disabilities

    16 February 2009

    By transforming its recruitment policy, Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council has been able to recruit individuals with learning disabilities, helping it to benefit from greater workforce diversity and ease its recruitment difficulties.

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