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  • Metropolitan Police cuts stress-related sickness absence

    22 June 2010

    The Metropolitan Police Service has radically reduced its annual sickness absence from 10.3 days per officer in 2003 to 6.8 days in 2010 by implementing an innovative series of three stress management training programmes.

  • Culture change reduces absence at John Wheatley College

    27 April 2010

    At John Wheatley College, it has taken several years for HR to instil a culture where managers carry out return-to-work interviews as a matter of course.

  • Partners adopt new approach to absence at Robinson Low Francis

    27 April 2010

    Introducing return-to-work interviews at construction and property consultants Robinson Low Francis (RLF) has helped reduce absence and improve relationships between partners and their staff.

  • Line manager training improves absence at Staffordshire Council

    27 April 2010

    Staffordshire Council sees return-to-work interviews as an "invest now to save later" plan. We report on the training and support offered to managers involved in this process.

  • Stress management training promotes emotional wellbeing

    28 October 2009

    Training to cope with stress and mental health is available via the Wellness Works project, set up with the help of lottery funding; our case studies of the providers and end-users demonstrate the positive impact this training is having on employees.

  • Case study: Aon's wellness programme reaps rewards at low cost

    26 May 2009

    A carefully evaluated, pilot health and wellness programme for 50 Aon employees has provided evidence that health-related initiatives can increase engagement, energy levels and morale, as well as having a positive impact on attendance management.

  • IPC Media improves its occupational health and wellbeing services

    20 April 2009

    Consumer magazine publisher IPC Media has overhauled its absence management and health promotion practices, and opened an on-site occupational health centre as a focus for its efforts.

  • Effective post-trauma support

    2 March 2007

    There is a growing body of evidence showing the best ways of supporting employees who experience traumatic incidents at work, such as robberies and personal assault; an in-depth study of the Royal Mail Group's procedures has confirmed the effectiveness of this approach.

  • Attendance incentives are on the HR agenda once again

    30 September 2005

    High-profile examples of attendance incentives have placed this controversial absence management tool on the HR agenda once more. We look at how two organisations are using these incentives effectively.

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