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  • Trauma, resilience and growth

    7 January 2014

    Post-traumatic stress disorder can have far-reaching effects on an individual's life, making even the simplest tasks an ordeal. Noreen Tehran finds out how employers can help workers who are suffering.

  • The price of poor practice - latest illness and injury tolls

    1 December 2013

    Health and Safety Bulletin's editor Howard Fidderman analyses the latest illness and injury tolls.

  • Flu - to jab or not to jab?

    4 November 2013

    Occupational health adviser Lindsey Hall asks: Is offering the flu vaccine to employees a sensible business decision that will keep staff healthy, or simply a costly perk without any benefits to the company?

  • The problem with presenteeism

    6 September 2013

    Defining presenteeism is just the first problem in analysing its effects on workers. Dr Nerys Williams considers various opinions and studies.

  • Safety and financial issues to consider when travelling for business

    1 September 2012

    Travelling for business has similar risks as travelling for leisure, but an employer must consider additional safety and financial issues. Gael Somerville, regional nurse manager at travel health specialist MASTA, explains.

  • Determining the costs of employee wellbeing

    1 February 2012

    Dr Bridget Juniper takes a look at the costs associated with employee wellbeing as an investment and the price employers could pay should they choose not to invest.

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