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  • Five ways employers can support employees who are carers

    19 October 2016

    According to recent research, one worker in eight is a carer, while almost one in six has had to take time off work or work irregular hours because of caring responsibilities. We set out five ways to support carers in the workplace.

  • Managing the risks to lone workers

    1 December 2012

    Lone workers can face risks those in an office environment may not even think about. Occupational Health explains how to evaluate these and handle them effectively.

  • Safety and financial issues to consider when travelling for business

    1 September 2012

    Travelling for business has similar risks as travelling for leisure, but an employer must consider additional safety and financial issues. Gael Somerville, regional nurse manager at travel health specialist MASTA, explains.

  • Supporting carers in the workplace

    21 February 2012

    XpertHR investigates what support is available for employees with caring responsibilities, a group that can often be overlooked in the workplace.

  • Challenges of company relocation

    15 June 2010

    Moving is often cited as one of life's most stressful events, and changes to working life are another. As relocating your place of business could see employees having to deal with both, it is important employers do all they can to ensure a smooth transition. Joanne Christie reports.

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