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  • Why we need leaders on the front line

    19 January 2018

    Employers spend thousands on leadership development but rarely see the return on investment or a corresponding increase in engagement. Peter Russian, CEO of transformation specialist Remarkable, looks at the importance of creating leaders at all levels.

  • Should we use apprenticeships to train managers?

    17 January 2018

    The apprenticeship levy has attracted a lot of criticism of late, with many questioning why the scope is now so broad it's possible to gain an MBA. Roisin Woolnough looks at the competing arguments for more management-focused apprenticeships.

  • Towards Maturity: L&D needs to play digital catch-up

    13 December 2017

    As technology dominates our lives as consumers, how far have learning and development teams come in making the most of it to deliver learning outcomes? Roisin Woolnough reports on the latest benchmarking report from Towards Maturity.

  • Can we make the apprenticeship levy work harder?

    12 December 2017

    News that apprenticeship start numbers had plummeted following the introduction of the apprenticeship levy in April led to criticism of the new system from many. David Willett from the Open University, urges employers to make their levy pay.

  • E-learning gains traction but managers still rate face-to-face training best

    24 November 2017

    Managers continue to prefer face-to-face learning over digital learning, according to a new report by learning resources provider GoodPractice. Martin Couzins investigates the findings.

  • Why your digital workforce needs on-the-job learning

    15 November 2017

    How can learning and development professionals keep pace with workers who need to be up to speed with new technologies and approaches? PluralSight's Julian Wragg argues that we need a more agile model for on-the-job learning.

  • Is charisma the magic potion for effective leadership?

    1 November 2017

    Research proves that charismatic leaders outperform their peers. But is charisma something that can be taught, and how can organisations nurture charismatic leaders? Nikki Owen considers how this type of leadership can transform the workplace.

  • Eight ways to ensure blended learning is a recipe for success

    1 November 2017

    Blended learning is now well established, but content is advancing and improving all the time. Lynsey Whitmarsh from Hemsley Fraser looks at eight ways to curate your learning content to guarantee the best mix for employees.

  • Why do female employees miss out on work-based training?

    19 October 2017

    Research published this month found that male employees are far more likely to receive training at work than women. The impact of this "training penalty" stretches way beyond how much learning is on offer, discovers Virginia Matthews.

  • L&D needs to stop creating and start curating

    5 October 2017

    Ben Betts examines the role of L&D professionals and argues that is more efficient to curate what already exists than create fresh content.

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