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  • Pensioners now earn more than working-age population, report finds

    13 February 2017

    Pensioners' incomes are now higher than those of working age, according to a report from the Resolution Foundation.

  • Is it time to sweeten up your pensions communications?

    24 November 2016

    With young people prioritising other financial commitments over pensions, employers need to rethink how they communicate the benefits of saving for retirement.

  • Government reveals ideas to reinvigorate workplace pensions

    1 January 2013

    Despite significant reform of the UK pensions system, the Government is concerned that people are still not saving enough towards their retirement. It has therefore issued a strategy paper considering how to reinvigorate workplace pensions and rebuild trust and confidence in pensions. We examine its main proposals.

  • Pensions auto-enrolment: compliance issues

    1 December 2012

    This fourth and final article in our series on automatic enrolment looks at some of the finer detail. We consider how existing practices such as salary sacrifice and flexible benefits work alongside auto-enrolment, look at the new employer duties and discuss how to avoid falling foul of the regulator.

  • Pensions Ombudsman anticipates caseload rise

    1 August 2012

    Influenced by the current spirit of austerity, the Pensions Ombudsman said in its 2011/12 business plan that it would set aside some of its larger aspirations in favour of getting the core work done with "the resources available". Reporting in the ombudsman's report and accounts, Tony King, the present incumbent, reports that his office has actually exceeded most of its goals, with higher output than the previous 12-month period, "remarkably", without using all of the resources available, and under-spending the ombudsman budget for the second year running.

  • Pensions auto-enrolment: how are employers preparing?

    15 June 2012

    Statutory automatic enrolment for eligible workers into a qualifying pension scheme will be introduced from October 2012. Employers face what can appear to be a bewildering array of decisions to ensure that they comply with the law. We review the steps that organisations are taking to meet their legal obligations.

  • A changing landscape: 25 years of pensions

    1 June 2012

    Occupational pensions was launched in June 1987. We look back at some of the developments in the past quarter of a century.

  • Pensions Regulator maintains stance on defined-benefits funding

    1 June 2012

    In its first annual financial funding statement the pensions regulator sets out its views on the approaches to the valuation process that it considers acceptable in the current economic environment. We examine the regulator's statement together with first reactions to it.

  • Statute raises state pension age faster and finalises auto-enrolment

    1 April 2012

    The Pensions Bill gained Royal Assent late in 2011. Its principal provisions increase state pension age and offer new flexibility on auto-enrolment. It also makes a number of other changes, including to second-tier state pensions, the indexation of pensions, the Pensions Regulator's powers, payments out of scheme funds to employers and the definition of money purchase.

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