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  • Gamification in recruitment: psychometric selection for more diverse talent

    1 August 2016

    As companies endeavour to attract candidates with the right skills, Cath Everett looks at how gamification is helping recruiters select from a more diverse pool of talent.

  • Why HR should embrace the gig economy

    19 July 2016

    Acuity Coaching's Simon Coops feels the gig economy has been heralded by a host of emerging online platforms and HR should tap into the opportunities it offers for harnessing talent and competitive advantage.

  • Managing volunteers in the workplace

    28 May 2012

    Volunteering is a major activity in the UK, with many employers either sponsoring their staff to volunteer outside the organisation, or relying on volunteers themselves to carry out their work in the community.

  • How maternity coaching can attract and retain female talent

    11 January 2012

    Targeted coaching for mothers can ensure a smooth return to work after maternity leave, and help employers attract and retain valued female employees. XpertHR examines this rising trend and looks at what is on offer to help support new fathers.

  • Talent management's role in a time of recession

    13 August 2009

    Economic downturns and recessions threaten the HR budgets that underpin effective talent management; three recent research studies shed light on how talent management is surviving and evolving during these challenging times, and how it could help employers take best advantage of an upturn.

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