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  • Mindset and match: recruiting millennials is about more than speed

    8 August 2016

    Speeding up recruitment processes may appease some applicants, but it will not get to the heart of why some employers are failing to attract millennials. Tim Drake looks at assessing the mindset of candidates.

  • The costs to employers of labour turnover

    10 April 2007

    This section of the IRS guide to labour turnover 2007/08 focuses on the financial impact of labour turnover. It shows how the costs of labour turnover can be calculated, and gives the latest national figures. It concludes with some examples of named employers’ labour turnover costs.

  • Got your number: using telephone interviewing

    30 September 2005

    The use of telephone interviewing or screening of candidates is growing, and research shows that it can be a valid screening and selection tool.

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