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  • Older workers: how to get it right in the generation game

    18 July 2016

    Managers are too busy making generalisations to tap into the potential of older workers, according to a new policy paper from Acas. Senior policy advisor at the conciliation service, Adrian Wakeling, sets out the issues.

  • How pre-retirement courses can ease employee departures

    22 February 2011

    The abolition of the default retirement age will necessitate a widespread change of attitude towards the termination of employment for older workers. We examine how pre-retirement courses can help ease the strain.

  • Benchmarking labour turnover, 2006 (1)

    17 February 2006

    Our two-part guide to labour turnover starts with coverage of the business case for managing turnover, the ways of doing so, and how to make benchmarking comparisons.

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