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  • Brexit

    4 October 2016

    What are the implications for employers of the UK's referendum vote in favour of leaving the EU and what steps can employers take now to prepare for Brexit?

  • EU law ceases to apply from the day the UK leaves

    3 October 2016

    The Government has announced that it will repeal the 1972 European Communities Act (ECA) - the key piece of legislation that gives direct effect to all EU law in the UK.

  • Brexit webinar: Employment law and immigration implications

    22 July 2016

    Listen to our panellists discuss what Brexit means for employment law in the UK and for EEA nationals living in the UK, and give practical guidance on how HR practitioners can prepare for what lies ahead.

  • FAQs: The implications of Brexit for employment law and EU workers

    12 July 2016

    New FAQs on XpertHR deal with how the UK's vote to leave the EU will affect employers and employees.

  • Jail sentences a "genuine prospect" under new Immigration Act rules

    11 July 2016

    While the impact of Brexit on immigration is yet to be determined, employers should be preparing for changes to the Immigration Act set to come into force from 12 July.

  • Podcast: Mid-year employment law update

    8 July 2016

    We discuss the latest developments in employment law, including Brexit, the Trade Union Act, gender pay gap reporting and the apprenticeship levy.

  • Communicating with staff after the Brexit vote

    7 July 2016

    To help employers communicate with their staff following the EU referendum, we have added a new model letter to our Policies and documents tool.

  • Podcast: Employment law update

    6 July 2016

    Look out for this week's podcast, where we will provide a mid-year update of the latest developments in employment law, including Brexit, the Trade Union Act, gender pay gap reporting and public-sector exit payments.

  • Brexit and the future of international assignments

    4 July 2016

    While the effect of the UK's departure from the EU on the free movement of workers is still uncertain, we look at the steps that employers should be taking now to reassure their employees and prepare for future developments.

  • Webinar: What does Brexit mean for HR?

    30 June 2016

    What does Britain's vote to leave the EU mean for HR? Join our live webinar to find out about the impact of Brexit on employment legislation and the wider implications for HR practitioners.

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