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  • Are talented employees with tattoos being overlooked?

    23 September 2016

    Although some employers are adopting a more flexible approach to dress codes, latest Acas research shows that tattoos and piercings are still "frowned upon" in many parts of the services sector.

  • When dress codes and English language requirements discriminate

    19 September 2016

    A strict requirement to speak only English at work or a ban on religious dress at work can lead to the risk of race or religious discrimination, explains Deborah Bulman of Burges Salmon LLP.

  • Summer and the workplace: are you prepared?

    20 July 2016

    With temperatures in the UK reaching 30 degrees this week, employers can expect to deal with issues around workplace temperatures, holiday requests and dress codes.

  • Advocate General opinion: blanket ban on Muslim headscarves is unlawful

    15 July 2016

    The Advocate General's opinion in Bougnaoui and another v Micropole Univers is that a complete ban on Muslim women wearing a hijab while in contact with customers or clients is discriminatory.

  • Hijab-wearing employee dismissed under "neutral" dress code

    16 June 2016

    Does the dismissal of a hijab-wearing Muslim employee by an employer with a policy of religious and ideological neutrality constitute direct and/or indirect religious discrimination, and can any indirect discrimination be justified? Consultant editor Darren Newman examines a recent controversial Advocate General's opinion.

  • Euro 2016

    13 June 2016

    The 2016 UEFA European championships kicked off on 10 June, with matches scheduled to take place over the next month.

  • Advocate General opinion: "neutral" employers can ban Muslim headscarves

    3 June 2016

    The Advocate General's controversial opinion in Achbita and another v G4S Secure Solutions NV is that organisations that adopt a policy of religious and political neutrality can ban Muslim women from wearing a hijab at work.

  • Should enforcing the wearing of high heels in the workplace be banned?

    13 May 2016

    A receptionist who has claimed she was victimised at work for wearing flat shoes has launched a petition sparked a debate about the legality of enforcing female employees to wear high heels.

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