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Basic pay and benefits: local authority

This item is part of Basic pay and benefits

Consultant author: Laurie Anstis


  • Most local government employees are employed under the terms and conditions of the National Joint Council for Local Government Services, which are set out in its National Agreement on Pay and Conditions of Service (the Green Book). (See Pay and the national negotiating bodies)
  • Pay and grading structures agreed under the Green Book Implementation Agreement are incorporated into contracts of employment. (See Incorporation of the Green Book Implementation Agreement into contracts of employment)
  • In exercising discretion on matters of pay and benefits local authorities have to be mindful that they must act reasonably. (See Pay and benefits and the principles of reasonableness)
  • Pay progression in most local authorities is by way of annual increments based on service. (See Pay progression)
  • The terms and conditions set out in the Green Book incorporate a pay spine, from which local authorities can construct their own pay scale. (See National pay rates)
  • Traditional bonus schemes in local government are potentially contrary to equal pay legislation and should be continued only if they can be objectively justified. (See Bonus schemes)
  • Where an employee living in accommodation provided by a local authority leaves the authority's employment the implications must be considered carefully. (See Accommodation)
  • Terms and conditions relating to overtime, car allowances and subsistence expenses are subject to the possibility of local variation. (See Overtime, Car allowances and Travel and subsistence)