Can an employer obtain information from DVLA about an employee's driving licence?

Yes, employers can contact the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) to check that an employee is entitled to drive. The employer can request information about the employee's driving licence, including:

  • the licence validity dates;
  • the categories of vehicle that the employee is entitled to drive;
  • whether or not there are any current endorsements on the licence; and
  • whether or not the employee is disqualified from driving.

The employer can also request information about any Certificate of Professional Competence held by the employee.

The employer can request a driver entitlement check by post, electronically or by telephone. Information about how to contact DVLA for a driver entitlement check is available on the UK Government website.

The employer must explain why it is requesting the information and how it will use it. The employee must provide his or her consent for the information to be disclosed. DVLA form D888/1 is available for this purpose.

A new service is introduced from 8 June 2015 enabling drivers to share their licence record with a third party (eg their employer) by obtaining a code to give temporary access to the information online. To obtain the code, the driver must enter his or her licence number, national insurance number and postcode on the View your driving licence page of the UK Government website.