What is the transitional period for defined benefit and hybrid pension schemes under the pensions auto-enrolment provisions?

The transitional period allows employers with defined benefit and hybrid schemes to delay auto-enrolling certain eligible jobholders until 1st October 2017, regardless of the employer's staging date. Employers can apply the transitional period to eligible jobholders who were eligible to join the pension scheme at the employer's staging date, but as at that date had declined to do so or ceased membership. The transitional period ends if any of the affected employees are no longer eligible to join the scheme, for example because the scheme is closed by the employer. Where the transitional period ends prematurely, the affected employees must be assessed for auto-enrolment immediately and, where eligible, auto-enrolled into a qualifying scheme.

Eligible jobholders in respect of whom the employer has applied the transitional period can opt into a qualifying pension scheme during the transitional period.

See the Pensions Regulator's detailed guidance on Transitional period for DB and hybrid schemes for further information.