Article pages

Whether your starting point is a task, topic or tool, your destination will usually be an XpertHR article. Each XpertHR article contains several features to help you make the most of the article and find related content.

About this resource

Each article has an "About this resource" panel showing information about the item, including the "source" where the article emanates from a website or journal external to XpertHR (for example Personnel Today). The panel also indicates if the item is kept under review and updated in line with developments. A "published date" indicates that the item is not updated.

Article status updates

how to article how to article

Above the "About this resource" panel you will find a range of icons to click on to bookmark the article, print it or share it with colleagues or across your social networks.

"Go to section" button

Navigate your way around longer articles quickly and easily using the "Go to section" button on the left. As you move down the page, the button remains static towards the top of the screen - so it is always available wherever you are on the page.

Quick video: Using the "Go to section" button

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