Benchmarking survey confidentiality

Our benchmarking surveys are undertaken on either a confidential or named practice basis. In both cases, individual contributors remain anonymous. The status of a particular survey is usually displayed on the first page of an online questionnaire.

Benchmarking surveys are open to all HR practitioners, whether they are XpertHR subscribers or not.

Confidential surveys

The report of our findings will appear online but will not name you or your organisation against any of your responses (ie, answers to survey questions). We would like to publish a list of participating organisations but we will give your organisation the option to opt out of this list. The personal contact data you supply will not be added to any marketing databases or passed to external organisations.

Named practice surveys

A named practice survey allows you and others to benchmark against practice in similar organisations. The report of our findings will include information provided by you set against the name of the organisation. However, it will not name any individual. Our findings will be published online, but the contact data you supply will not be added to any marketing databases or passed on to external organisations.

Surveys with pre-completed questions

Occasionally, we will invite research participants to review and update responses to surveys. Only the research participant will be able to access their data. Previous responses and contact details are protected by unique user IDs and passwords where this occurs. The user ID and password may be contained within a unique survey URL to allow speedy survey login and completion.

Further details

If you have any further questions about survey confidentiality, or XpertHR surveys in general, please contact Katey Searle.

Please visit the XpertHR surveys page for more information about XpertHR's research programme, including how to take part.