How to use Tasks

Click a task to access the best XpertHR resources to help you accomplish that task. Some of the most common tasks performed by HR professionals are highlighted in the panel on the homepage and in the tasks menu in the top navigation bar.

From the tasks menu:

  • Select a common task to go straight to the page for that task.
  • Select a tasks category, such as as "Family-friendly rights and policies", to view a list of tasks belonging to that category. You may also have the option of selecting a second-level category, such as "Pregnancy and maternity leave and pay" in this example, to view a more targeted list of tasks. If second-level categories are available, you will see a black arrow in the smart breadcrumb link. A third-level category, such as "Return to work after maternity leave", may also be available.
  • Click the "show all tasks" button to go to the tasks homepage. From this page you can view a list of new and updated tasks and select categories and lower-level categories to see tasks belonging to your selections.

You can also access task category pages from the page footer, at the bottom of every page.

Quick video: Using the XpertHR tasks menu

Task articles

Task articles begin with some of the key points related to the task, but their main purpose is to display links to the best XpertHR resources to help you accomplish the task. These are organised into groups based on XpertHR tools, such as the Employment law manual, Policies and documents, Line manager briefings, FAQs and Survey analysis.

Task article detail

task article

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