How to use Topics

Click a topic to see the latest XpertHR resources available on your selected topic. After selecting a top-level topic, such as "pay and benefits", you can drill down through lower-level topics, such as "pay levels and awards" then "national minimum wage", viewing all the latest resources for each topic and subtopic.

From the topics menu:

  • Select a top-level topic, such as "termination of employment", to view a list of the latest articles belonging to that topic. You also have the option of selecting a second-level topic from the smart breadcrumb, such as "dismissal" in this example, to view a more targeted list of articles. There may also be third-level, fourth-level or fifth-level topics available, such as "unfair dismissal", "automatically unfair dismissals" and "assertion of statutory rights".
  • Select one of our "trending topics" - issues of current interest to HR professionals and employers - for quick access to a round-up of the content available on that subject.
  • Click the "show all topics" button at the bottom of the topics menu to go to the topics homepage. From this page you can view a list of top-level topics with second-level topics beneath.

You can also access top-level topics from the page footer, at the bottom of every page.

Quick video: Using the XpertHR topics menu

Topics in searches

After searching the site, you can choose to refine your search results by topic. Simply select a top-level topic from the list on the left of the search results to limit your results to articles tagged with your chosen topic.

Quick video: Using topics in searches

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