What additional content is available for different sectors, such as finance or local authority?

In addition to general employment law and good practice content suitable for all organisations, XpertHR provides additional resources tailored to HR professionals and employers in certain sectors.

Sector add-ons are available for:

  • Local authority employers.
  • NHS employers in England and Wales.
  • NHS employers in Scotland.
  • Employers in the financial sector.
  • Police service employers.

The sector add-on content is found predominantly in the Employment law manual.

If you are logged out, all the sector add-on content available on XpertHR will be visible (as previews) - either as Employment law manual categories (for police and the financial services sector) or via the sector resources link in the "go to section" of an Employment law manual content item (for the health and local authority sectors). However, once you log in, only the content covered by your subscription is visible.

Quick video: Selecting sector add-on content