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Harrods Ltd v Remick and others [1997] IRLR 583 CA

Reports relating to this case:

  • Race discrimination: Licensees' employees were "contract workers"

    15 November 1997

    In Harrods Ltd v Remick and others, the Court of Appeal holds that the work which was available for doing by employees of Harrods' licensees at the department store was "work for" both the licensees and Harrods.

  • Broad construction of "contract worker"

    1 November 1997

    In Harrods Ltd v Remick and others (17 July 1997) EOR76B, the Court of Appeal gives a purposive construction to the Race Relations Act's provisions on contract workers, and holds that staff employed by concessionaires at Harrods store could sue Harrods in respect of alleged discrimination, since they were contract workers who worked "for" Harrods within the meaning of s.7, even though they also worked for their employer.