Landeshauptstadt Kiel v Jaeger [2003] IRLR 804 ECJ

Reports relating to this case:

  • Working time: "Working time" includes time when on-call doctor is sleeping at hospital

    19 December 2003

    In Landeshauptstadt Kiel v Jaeger, the European Court of Justice holds that on-call duty, performed by doctors who were required to be physically present in the hospital and who were permitted to rest or sleep in rooms provided for them there during periods when their services were not required, constituted, in its entirety, working time under the EC Working Time Directive.

  • Case round-up

    1 December 2003

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  • Case round-up: on-call hours; and statutory sick pay

    28 October 2003

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  • ECJ: On-call working is working time

    1 October 2003

    In case C:151/02 Landeshauptstadt Kiel v Norbert Jaeger, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled on 9 September 2003 that all on-call duty at a place determined by an employer constitutes working time in its entirety, even where the employee is permitted to rest at the place of work when their services are not required.

  • ECJ: On-call work in hospitals should be counted as working time

    1 May 2003

    In case C-151/02 Landeshauptstadt Kiel v Norbert Jaeger, Advocate-General Ruiz-Jarabo stated on 8 April that all time spent by a doctor on call in a hospital constitutes working time for the purposes of community law.