Strathclyde Regional Council v Wallace and others [1998] IRLR 146 HL

Reports relating to this case:

  • Equal pay: case law update

    02 March 2007

    This article looks at some of the significant judgments in the area of equal pay over the past year and their implications.

  • Justification not required for pay difference

    01 March 1998

    In Strathclyde Regional Council v Wallace and others (22 January 1998) EOR78B, the House of Lords has ruled that employers do not have to objectively justify a pay difference which is not tainted by sex discrimination.

  • Equal pay: Objective justification of pay differential only necessary where explanation is discriminatory

    15 February 1998

    In order to establish a "material factor" defence to an equal pay claim, the employer does not have to "justify" the difference in pay unless the factor relied on to explain it is sexually discriminatory, holds the House of Lords in Strathclyde Regional Council and others v Wallace and others.