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Legal guidance and commentary.

This tool includes:

  • Analysis of existing and forthcoming employment legislation.
  • Expert views on employment law developments.

Latest items in Legal guidance

  • How to find the balance between flexible working and "always on"

    19 July 2017

    Research has shown that many workers value flexible working over a pay rise. Sarah Thompson asks how can employers ensure that being able to log on from anywhere does not lead to people never turning off?

  • Taylor review: Establishing employment status

    18 July 2017

    Consultant editor Darren Newman looks at the proposals in the Taylor review to clarify employment status.

  • Draft EU employment legislation state of play, July 2017

    7 July 2017

    This article lists all significant items of employment-related draft EU legislation that are currently in the legislative pipeline, or due to be proposed in the near future. It also shows proposals that have been adopted in the past six months.

  • Sexual orientation discrimination at work: Timeline

    6 July 2017

    In July 1967, the Sexual Offences Act 1967 partially decriminalised homosexuality in England and Wales. To mark the 50th anniversary of this seminal moment in lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights, we highlight some of the key milestones for workplace protection against sexual orientation discrimination.

  • Grievance procedures: Five-step guide for employers

    5 July 2017

    Dealing with a grievance promptly and fairly is vital for employers aiming to reduce the risk of employment tribunal claims. Zeba Sayed sets out a five-step guide for HR on how to conduct a successful grievance procedure.

  • Workplace smoking ban 10 years on: Common employer queries

    5 July 2017

    On 1 July 2007, England introduced a ban on smoking in enclosed public places, including most workplaces. Ten years on, what are the most common queries from employers on smoking at work?

  • Sexual harassment in the workplace: Uber media outcry alerts employers to cut the risk

    1 July 2017

    Sexual harassment in the workplace is in the spotlight after widespread publicity of claims by a former employee at technology firm Uber. Adam Grant and Jemma Pugh at legal firm Wedlake Bell LLP say the development is a warning for employers to take action.

  • Family-friendly rights: a whistle-stop tour

    29 June 2017

    Shared parental leave has been in the press again of late, with a new father winning a sex discrimination claim for his employer's failure to enhance its shared parental pay. How can employers stay on top of the various family-friendly rights available to employees? We provide a whistle-stop tour of who is entitled to what, and when.

  • Reputational damage: six preventative measures for employers

    26 June 2017

    Protecting your organisation's reputation is essential but how can employers ensure any damage is kept to a minimum? We list six ways you can reduce the risk.

  • National minimum wage - don't be that employer

    23 June 2017

    Even though the national minimum wage has been with us for over 18 years, some employers - including household names - still manage to break the rules and receive some quite embarrassing publicity as a result.

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