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  • Will Trade Union Act minimise strikes in 'important public services'?

    25 September 2017

    The Trade Union Act introduced rules on balloting for industrial action in important public services that set the bar high for workers. Nick Chronias looks at how the law might work in practice.

  • What do the new picketing laws mean in practice for employers?

    31 May 2017

    New picketing laws came into force in March designed to prevent trade unions adopting intimidating tactics during industrial action. Nick Chronias, partner at DAC Beachcroft, looks at the likely impact of the changes and whether they could lead to new union tactics in disputes.

  • Industrial action in "important public services"

    27 January 2017

    Consultant editor Darren Newman considers the additional restrictions on industrial action for "important public services" under the Trade Union Act 2016. He also explains why any further limitations on industrial action might not be wise with Brexit on the horizon.

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