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  • Job applicants with spurious intentions: what should employers do?

    20 March 2017

    Police in Scotland have been informed about a serial job applicant who threatens to launch legal action if he is not invited to interview.

  • Employment law cases 2017: seven decisions to look out for

    15 December 2016

    We round up seven significant employment law decisions expected in 2017, with cases pending on employment status, equal pay, whistleblowing, employment tribunal fees and holiday pay.

  • How do you decide if expatriate employees' legal rights fall under UK or foreign law?

    1 December 2016

    The recent legal case of Jeffery v The British Council shows employers how to decide whether expatriate employees' legal rights fall under British or overseas employment law. Helena Rozman of global law firm Dentons explains.

  • Acas early conciliation "no substitute" for an effective tribunal system

    28 September 2016

    Consultant editor Darren Newman maintains that the Acas early conciliation service provides no real substitute for dealing with claims properly in an employment tribunal system open to all.

  • What will employment tribunals look like in 2026?

    27 September 2016

    Employment tribunals have come a long way since their introduction in 1964 as a low-cost method for enforcing employment rights. Stephen Simpson predicts how employment tribunals will look 10 years from now.

  • EU referendum: 12 European cases that have shaped UK employment law

    31 March 2016

    The "Brexit" referendum on whether or not the UK should withdraw from the European Union takes place on 23 June 2016. Stephen Simpson rounds up 12 key European cases that have had a major impact on UK employment law.

  • Why so few financial penalties for aggravated breaches of employment law?

    15 July 2015

    Only three penalties have been imposed against employers for breaching their legal obligations "with aggravating features" since they were brought in last year, and only one has been paid. Nick Hobden considers why this might be the case.

  • Pre-termination negotiations

    9 April 2014

    Many employers will recognise the appeal of being able to agree a termination settlement with an unsatisfactory employee rather than having to go through a lengthy disciplinary or performance improvement procedure. However, employers may be concerned that, by entering into negotiations, they will put themselves at risk of an unfair dismissal claim at the outset. In this article, we explain the legal context and effect of s.111A of the Employment Rights Act 1996, which aims to exclude evidence of "pre-termination negotiations" from unfair dismissal claims.

  • The potential impact of the introduction of employment tribunal fees

    8 October 2013

    Consultant editor Darren Newman explains why the introduction of fees in the tribunal system could result in many less well-off individuals being denied their basic workplace rights.

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