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  • How does Brexit affect international assignments?

    1 July 2016

    The process for the UK leaving the EU is yet to be set in motion, but employers should start thinking about the long-term implications for the movement of staff between the UK and other countries.

  • How can HR ensure the safety of globally mobile employees?

    10 June 2016

    Employees are posted to ever more countries, yet threats like natural disasters, terrorism and medical endemics loom large. What can HR do to protect the safety of global assignees? Tim Wells, head of global mobility consulting at Abbiss Cadres, explains.

  • Policy clinic: managing staff who commute internationally

    1 December 2009

    It is not unusual for an employee to work in the UK and reside in another country. This raises some tricky policy issues for employers of these international commuters. Lisa Gillis gives advice on how to deal with them.

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