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Impending deadlines Implementation date

Tax-free childcare scheme comes into force

Families where both parents work and each parent earns less than £100,000 per year are eligible to receive 20% of their yearly childcare costs.

Early 2017

New law on ballot voting thresholds for unions to take strike action

The Trade Union Act reforms the rules on trade union ballots for taking industrial action.

To be confirmed

Introduction of opt in for contribution to political fund introduced

The draft Trade Union Act 2016 (Political funds) (Transition period) Regulations 2017 introduce a requirement that new trade union members must opt in to the political fund.

To be confirmed

New law to protect NHS whistleblowers when applying for NHS jobs

The Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act 2015 includes a provision that provides increased protection for NHS whistleblowers.

To be confirmed

Measures to support small businesses contained in the Enterprise Act 2016

The Enterprise Act 2016 introduces new measures to support small businesses and introduces a cap on redundancy payments to public sector workers.

To be confirmed

Income tax personal allowance to be linked to national minimum wage

Future rates of income tax personal allowance will ensure that workers on the national minimum wage working 30 hours a week will not pay income tax.

To be confirmed

Public-sector exit payments repayable

The draft Repayment of Public Sector Exit Payments Regulations 2016 provide that employees in the public sector with annual earnings of £80,000 or more repay exit payments where they return to work in the public sector within one year of leaving.

To be confirmed

Public-sector exit payments capped

The draft Public Sector Exit Payment Regulations 2016 provide that exit payments to public-sector workers are capped at £95,000.

To be confirmed

Requirement for employers to report annually on whistleblowing claims introduced

New requirement for employers that are "prescribed persons" to report annually on whistleblowing claims.

To be confirmed

Changes to the rate of the national minimum wage and the national living wage aligned

Future changes to the hourly rate of the national minimum wage and the national living wage will take place at the same time in April each year.

1 April 2017

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