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Impending deadlines Implementation date

New law on ballot voting thresholds for unions to take strike action

The Trade Union Act reforms the rules on trade union ballots for taking industrial action.

1 March 2017

Introduction of opt in for contribution to political fund introduced

New trade union members must opt in to the political fund.

1 March 2017

Regulations on gender pay gap reporting for public sector introduced

Public-sector employers are required to publish information showing gender pay differences.

31 March 2017

National minimum wage rate for workers rises

The national minimum wage rises on 1 April 2017.

1 April 2017

Changes to the rate of the national minimum wage and the national living wage aligned

Future changes to the hourly rate of the national minimum wage and the national living wage will take place at the same time in April each year.

1 April 2017

New rate of statutory maternity, paternity, adoption and shared parental pay comes into force

The rate of statutory maternity pay, statutory paternity pay and statutory adoption pay increases. Statutory shared parental pay is also set at the same level.

2 April 2017

Employers' duties under gender pay gap reporting commence

Employers with 250 or more employees in the private and voluntary sectors are required to calculate their gender pay gap and bonus pay gap calculated from pay information using the employer's usual pay period in which 5 April falls.

5 April 2017

Apprenticeship levy on large employers

An apprenticeship levy of 0.5% of their wage bill to be paid by all large employers in all sectors to fund apprenticeships.

6 April 2017

Lower earnings limit for national insurance contributions increases

The lower earnings limit for primary Class 1 national insurance contributions increases for 2017/18 to £113 per week.

6 April 2017

Statutory sick pay rate of £89.35 per week comes into force

The weekly rate of statutory sick pay rises to £89.35 for 2017/18.

6 April 2017

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