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A core subscription to XpertHR will provide access to reliable and up-to-date HR information, as well as practical tools to enable your team to save valuable time and stay compliant.

Integrated solutions

We can work with you to deliver the tools you need to transform your HR function and meet strategic business objectives. Delivery of our expert content and guidance can be tailored to your needs and integrated with your HR systems.

Enhance your subscription

You can build on your core subscription to help you manage staff overseas, benchmark your organisation's performance against industry standards, gain access to a reliable and fast legal advice service and protect yourself from costly legal action, through our add-on products listed on this page.


XpertHR's Benchmarking service allows you to measure and monitor your organisation's practices and policies against industry standards, and helps you to understand how similar organisations to yours operate.


XpertHR International is a reliable and regularly updated suite of employment law guides for HR professionals who have responsibilities for staff in countries outside the UK.


XpertHR Legal Expenses Insurance covers the cost of employment disputes and can protect you from the unexpected costs of an employment tribunal claim by a past or current employee.

Specialist tools

Salary surveys, E-learning programme and Recruiter provide you with efficient service as standalone products or can complement the XpertHR core subscription.

Salary surveys

XpertHR Salary surveys gives you all the pay data you need to benchmark salaries against those of other employers in your industry or region, manage your pay bill and recruit and retain staff cost effectively. You can spot-check salary rates and use comprehensive report and spreadsheet tools to complete full-scale pay and benefits reviews at company level. Salary surveys are available in addition to the core product.

E-learning programme

XpertHR’s self-directed e-learning behavioural programme works to support, connect with and underpin all aspects of your people strategy. Employees learn how to handle challenging situations and develop their interpersonal skills. The programme, powered by emoquo, consists of short, relevant and engaging behavioural learning modules. E-learning is available in addition to the core product.


Recruiter is designed to help HR professionals and recruitment specialists find the best media outlet to advertise their vacancies including all UK jobsites, trade, national and regional publications. It reduces time and costs spent on advertising vacancies. Recruiter is available in addition to the core product.

Additional services

Personnel Today Jobs

Advertising your job roles with Personnel Today Jobs will help you attract qualified and experienced HR professionals to your vacancies. Exclusive discounts are available for XpertHR subscribers.

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Access to add-ons and specialist products

XpertHR's Benchmarking add-on and specialist Salary surveys and Recruiter tools are available to demo.